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Kapak Karton
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Yazar   : Tuğba Güleş

Many observers refer to today's global economy as one in transited to a 'knowledge economy' and en route to the knowledge-based Bio-Economy. Rapid transition to a knowledge-based bioeconomy has significant implications for range of issues critical to the sustainability of agriculture, eco-systems and economic growth. Hence, potentials of plants as a technology platform is increasingly being explored so are the socio-ecological impacts.

Today's plant biotechnology industry produces intellectual property as its manufactured goods and advances in biological sciences raised the private value of the plant genetic resources. However, much uncertainty remains about the ability to adopt the existing Intellectual Property framework to changed circumstances of post 19th century. This uncertainty raises questions into both the limitations of technology neutral principles of the patent system and the effectiveness of industry specific modifications.

This book provides legal scholars, attorneys, industry representatives, law reformers, and legislative advocates with a more nuanced and comprehensive understanding of the Intellectual Property law framework for plant innovation. The book also offers new understanding of the relationship between patent and plant variety protection system, as well as the two systems' strengths and limitations in terms of their implications on innovative activity.

Konu Başlıkları
Trajectory of Developments in Plant Innovation and IP Protection
Existing IP Law Framework for Plant Innovation
Key Legal Challenges and Responses

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